Rover, Jaguar Expected To Be Bought By Indian Automaker Tata Motors

It looks like Ford's premium brands, Jaguar and Land Rover, will end up in the hands of a company rabidly trying to both seal a deal to boost national pride as well as to develop and promote a $2,500 car. Ford Motor Co. is expected to announce this week that Tata Motors is the preferred bidder for the two companies.… » 12/17/07 10:00am 12/17/07 10:00am

Ford To Keep Volvo, Move Brand Upscale And Into Diesel-Electric Hybrids?

After parading Volvo through every private equity firm and flea market, Ford Motor Company is now, as expected, planning to hold on to the Swedish automaker. But Ford CEO Alan Mulally's commitment to Volvo isn't unconditional. Ford wants to shape Volvo into a true luxury brand to rival companies like BMW,… » 12/04/07 1:15pm 12/04/07 1:15pm

Fuel Economy Rules Near Completion, Automakers Shift to Bicycle…

It looks like automakers will have to meet the dreaded 35-mpg fuel economy standard despite the gazillion dollars they claim it will take to get their cars sipping gasoline like it's Dom Pérignon. Senate and House members are working out the final details of a bill that will likely have a significant impact on what… » 11/30/07 11:45am 11/30/07 11:45am

Automobile Magazine All-Star Cars Revealed, Refuse To Hand Over The…

It's the time of the year when everyone and their grandmother hands out a "Best Car Ever...of the Year" award. Just over a week ago Motor Trend named their Car of the Year. We already showed you the Car & Driver top ten for '08 and now Automobile Magazine has released their category-less Automobile All-Stars list.… » 11/30/07 10:00am 11/30/07 10:00am

Dodge To Ride Bulls Into Detroit Auto Show For 2009 Ram Reveal

Chrysler makes a champion effort every January to win the Battle of the Unveils at the Detroit Auto Show. In past years we've seen glass-smashing, journalist tar-and-feathering and sending cryptic messages via waterfall to name just a few. And while we're pretty sure Chrysler's winning dominating with the most… » 11/26/07 2:00pm 11/26/07 2:00pm

Godzilla To Hit U.S. Shores In Limited Quantities

Nissan will send just 1,500 of its new GT-R sports cars to terrorize American streets with the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6. GT-Rs will only be sold through select dealerships, determined as dealers who are proficient in selling cars that pretty much sell themselves (those with high 350Z sales) and are willing to install… » 11/26/07 9:15am 11/26/07 9:15am

2008 Chevrolet Aveo Sedan, Part 2

Exterior Design: **
Call it the anti-Scion, with the Aveo trading avant-garde fashion for mature, predictable styling cues. Of course, that also means it trades the "I'm on my way to a rave" hipster-mobile image for the "I'm on my way to a mediocre job" commuter-mobile image. It's wholly unoffensive, and equally… » 11/20/07 12:15pm 11/20/07 12:15pm

MT names Cadillac CTS Car of the Year, Needs Help Paying For Gas

Motor Trend has chosen the Cadillac CTS as its 2008 Car of the Year, attributing the win to sharp styling, great driving dynamics and luxury value — pretty much, the car rocked every category. For the General, it marks the first time in ten years that the company has taken home MT's top award. The Corvette won the… » 11/20/07 8:30am 11/20/07 8:30am

Ford And UAW Reach Tentative Agreement

With all the excitment of a new Ford Focus (sans Sync, of course), it looks like the Ford-UAW contract negotiations have come and gone. The two organizations have announced they have reached a tentative agreement, all without even a strike deadline to speed things along. Details of the contract haven't been released… » 11/05/07 6:45am 11/05/07 6:45am

Gettelfinger Heads To Ford Motor For Labor Talks

Labor talks between the UAW and Ford are ramping up as UAW President Ron Gettelfinger arrived at Ford headquarters this morning to participate in the negotiations. Chrysler and GM have already settled their contracts for the next four years, but both automakers had to deal with brief strikes while negotiations were… » 10/30/07 2:15pm 10/30/07 2:15pm

Chrysler Set To Drop The Ax on Pacifica, PT Cruiser, Dodge Magnum

Chrysler is expected to kill off its Pacifica, PT Cruiser and Dodge Magnum at some kind of a board meeting today. With sales of all those models dropping by nearly 30 percent this year, there's not much left to kill, but fates will be decided at the first board meeting with former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli as… » 10/30/07 11:00am 10/30/07 11:00am

Ghosn Loses It, Thinks He Can Sell Car For Three Grand In The U.S.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn is interested in selling a bare-bones car in the U.S. for $3,000. Speaking such crazy thoughts might qualify him as a loony, but if he can actually pull it off he might have a legitimate reason to don that superhero costume again. Nissan and Indian automaker Tata Motors are both planning on… » 10/29/07 3:30pm 10/29/07 3:30pm

Teen Outruns German Police In Go-Kart

German police are saying it was their cars, not their driving skills, that allowed an 18-year-old to outrun them in a go-kart. The teenie-bopper driver led seven squad cars on a 3-mile chase through the city of Moenchengladbach before he lost the fuzz by ducking into an open garage. A spokesman for the department said… » 10/29/07 1:00pm 10/29/07 1:00pm

John Force Goes Home After 27 Days In Hopsital

Drag racer John Force returned to his home on Saturday after spending 27 days in the hospital, but still has a long way to go before he makes a full recovery. Force was traveling at more than 300 mph in the Funny Car semifinals of the O'Reilly NHRA Fall Nationals when the violent crash that split his car in two… » 10/28/07 9:21pm 10/28/07 9:21pm

Chrysler Workers Ratify UAW Contract

UAW workers have voted to accept their four-year contract with Chrysler, but the ratification faced some serious opposition with only 56 percent of production workers and 51 percent of skilled trades workers approving the contract. From what we're told, many UAW members weren't happy about the new two-tier wage… » 10/27/07 12:30pm 10/27/07 12:30pm

Carlos Ghosn Wild: Renault-Nissan CEO Still Considering US Partnership

After his dressing like a superhero last week, we wouldn't be surprised if Renault-Nissan's Carlos Ghosn picked up a pimp cane and snapped in a set of diamond teeth to announce he still wants to get it on with a beleaguered US automaker. Perhaps it's Ghosn's experience with a struggling company that has him willing to… » 10/26/07 8:30am 10/26/07 8:30am

Aussies Want To Send Holden Sportwagon to the States

It looks like GM's Holden brand is pushing to have its new VE Commodore Sportwagon shipped off to its cousins on the other side of the world. Built on the same rear-drive platform that underpins the Holden Commodore sedan — and soon-to-be Pontiac G8 — the Sportwagon actually has less cargo space than its predecessor,… » 10/25/07 4:00pm 10/25/07 4:00pm